Mommy Moosli

A muesli cereal that helps lactating moms produce more milk.  Supports breastfeeding in a healthy manner.

  • How long will it take to help my supply?  
    The majority of women feel a difference in 3 days.  However I have known some women to notice a difference the next day while others take closer to a week.
  • Um, what is that smell?  
    Fenugreek can cause anyone who ingests it to have urine and sweat smell like maple syrup.  Who doesn't like pancakes?!  Babies don't seem to care or notice, so don't worry!
  • Is this gluten free?  
    Our current recipe is not, however we are looking to create another product that is to try to help our gluten free mamas out there. 
  • Is Mommy Moosli safe for everyone?  
    Generally yes!  However, anytime you are taking a new supplement or changing your diet, it is important to speak with your doctor first, particularly if you are pregnant.  
  • My family likes it, can they eat it too?  
    ABSOLUTELY!  As I stated in the "who is moosli" section, my husband loves it and eats it regularly.  It is so healthy for everyone.  If you are pregnant, talk to your doctor first to verify if fenugreek is okay for you.