Mommy Moosli

A muesli cereal that helps lactating moms produce more milk.  Supports breastfeeding in a healthy manner.

We recommend you start out eating Moosli once per day.  Most mamas see results with 1/2 to 1 cup per serving -- you can experiment to see what works best for you!  Try making it part of your morning routine!  You can have it more frequently if you prefer.

  • the most traditional way to eat Moosli is like a bowl of regular cereal: pour Moosli with milk in a bowl and devour!
  • put one cup of Moosli with 3/4 of a cup of milk in a bowl and heat it up
  • put one cup of Moosli with equal parts milk in a bowl in the fridge before you go to bed and eat it in the morning.  This seems to be the favorite method among returning customers!
  • use different kinds of milk -- almond milk seems to be quite popular.  You can also use juice! 
  • put one cup of Moosli over your favorite kind of yogurt
  • use Moosli to bake!  check out a recipe here


If you find another way to prepare it, please say "hello" to me and let me know how you do it so I can share it with the world!