Mommy Moosli

A muesli cereal that helps lactating moms produce more milk.  Supports breastfeeding in a healthy manner.

I'm glad you asked!

I'm Hope -- a busy mom of two adorable munchkins (3-year-old Caleb and 5-month-old Lorelei) who struggled with milk supply as a new mom, so I'm especially passionate about helping others in their breastfeeding journey.  

Mommy Moosli was developed by a breastfeeding mom who made muesli in bulk for her family, and noticed that every morning after she enjoyed her muesli, she would wake up engorged.  After that, she did a lot of research, pulled out some ingredients from her previous recipe, added a few, and tested it out.  It started as a product at a local natural parenting store in Denver, and is now sold both online and in baby stores around the country.

Our Moosli is made from all organic ingredients, and every bag is hand-mixed with love and care in Denver, CO.  We take pride in each and every bag, and we LOVE hearing back from our fans about how we're able to help boost supply, so PLEASE SHARE (#Moosli on social media) !  I eat Moosli every morning (my favorite way is to heat it up like oatmeal ... mmmm), so I know first-hand that it works  :)

Our new flavors have been thoroughly tested by the lovely moms in my neighborhood (along with my husband & son!) -- I'm so excited to share them with you!