Mommy Moosli

A muesli cereal that helps lactating moms produce more milk.  Supports breastfeeding in a healthy manner.

We LOVE hearing feedback from our customers!  Here are some recent testimonials --


I have been eating Mommy Moosli every day now for a week. Has really helped my supply. My son started sleeping 7-10 hours a night when he was 5 weeks old so it slowed down some. Then when I went to work I freaked out. Eating it every morning has helped me pump and save up to 15-25 oz a day at work. I personally like it without the ginger. Also an added benefit is the help it gives you with digestion and staying regular. Highly recommend.
 - Tara


Mommy Moosli did a great job boosting my supply! I wanted it for when my 15 month old is sick and constantly nursing. I was also interested in something other than a lactation cookie. After only 2 days of trying it, I woke up to a boosted supply! I loved the ginger taste too! I highly recommend this to any nursing mamas who need a little boost!
 - Crystal, Spokane, WA


It did work for me! It definitely seemed to help with my supply. The chocolate was good, the ginger was great! I didn't expect to be a fan of the ginger, but it tasted great! After trying Mommy Moosli, I would highly recommend it to anyone I know who's having supply issues, or who just wants to boost their supply. After a week of trying it, I definitely noticed an increase. It tastes great, and is an easy and very tasty way to help with milk supply!
-Amy, Colorado Springs, CO


Thanks to Mommy Moosli I have been able to feed my one month old and store 10-20 ounces of milk per day! It is good to know I have backup milk for when I have to go back to work. I have used Fenugreek as an herbal supplement by itself and not had this level of milk production. I am so grateful for Mommy Moosli – I was not able to nurse my eldest son, due to lack of milk production, and enjoy being able to bond with my newest son through nursing. I have also enjoyed the taste of Mommy Moosli. I eat it warm for breakfast and mix it with yogurt for an afternoon snack.
-Jill, Cincinnati OH


I loved the moosli's flavor was unique and delightful! My supply increased in about four days, and I so happy to find a natural and yummy way to boost my milk production.
-DeeDee, Denver CO


I really enjoyed the taste. I love the combo of ginger and chocolate! I used the product before I started back to work. I noticed an increase in my milk production after about 3 days. It really helped my baby girl and I with my transition back to work. 
-Erin, Denver CO


I hope to continue nursing my son as long as I can. However, with his growing curiosity and limited attention span, nursing has become much more difficult then I hoped for. I worried about my supply and was terrified I wasn't producing enough milk for him. After trying Mommy Moosli, I was ecstatic to see my supply increase. Not only did it help with my supply, but it was an easy, tasty breakfast option. I found myself super hungry all the time- Mommy Moosli satisfied my appetite and did great things for me!
- Maggie, Denver CO